Thursday 17 January 2013

URC Access Modes. v3.0

Designed & Developed by : Aliasgar Dahodwala.
Tested by : Hamza Katabjiwala.

URC Access Modes provides complete protection and control for your desktop/laptop with a password protected interface. It has 7 great tools which include:
  • USB Tool
  • CD/DVD Tool
  • Registry(regedit.exe) Tool
  • Command Prompt(cmd.exe) Tool
  • Group Policy Tool(gpedit.msc)
  • Task Manager Tool(taskmgr.exe)
  • File & Folder Options
With USB and CD Tools, Data Theft is eliminated. No one can access your data without your permission since you can disable USB Mass Storage Devices such as Pen Drives, Hard Disk, etc. However, your USB Peripheral Devices will work normally including USB Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam, etc. Also, a potential virus problem is eliminated since no data is transferred.
With Registry and Command Prompt Tools, Unauthorized Code Execution is eliminated since you can disable command prompt and the registry. No one can write commands/registry entries manually and execute it. Also, it provides protection from hackers since they can execute some codes via command prompt which may retrieve your data as well as executing/hacking via registry entries. URC Access Modes Password is stored in the Registry hence disabling it will protect you. With Group Policy and Task Manager Tools, important system settings are protected since many important settings are there in the Group Policy. As a result, it cannot be changed by anyone and important processes cannot be ended via the Task Manager tool. Hide your folder's & disable folder options no nobody can access your data.

• Freeware : URC ACCESS MODES v3.0 is 100% freeware.
• Windows Platform : Supports Windows XP , Vista , 7 , 8 & 10 both 32 & 64 bits.
• Due its friendly Interface it is easy to use.  Its Portable no setup

This application is so powerfull that if you try to use registry entries i.e. .reg to enable usb, registry, cd/dvd, group policy, task manager, cmd & File Folder Options it won't work. You can enable with this application only. 99% of 3rd party application that enables usb, registry, cd/dvd, group policy, task manager, cmd & File Folder Options will not work against this application.

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